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Inspired Evolution is a specialised investment management business and authorised financial services provider located principally in South Africa. Inspired Evolution offers a dedicated team with a deep global track record positioned to lead clean energy and resource efficiency investments across sub-Saharan Africa.



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The Solar Energy Revolution: Past the Point of No Return

03 Jul 2015

Solar energy is now so cheap that it's beating fossil fuels, putting it on a path for growth that can't be stopped. Since solar costs are beating those of competing energy...

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South Africa has great renewable energy resources

03 Jul 2015

Grant Pattison – executive chairman of the local arm of NRG Energy: ‘it’s going to take somewhere between five to 10 years to fix (the energy crisis.) Read More

Africa on Threshold of Triple Energy Win for People, Power and Planet

03 Jul 2015

Renewable energy is at the forefront of the changes sweeping Africa, and a "triple win" is within the region's grasp to increase agricultural productivity, improve resilience to...

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