As an award-winning ESG responsible investment team in Africa, we pride ourselves on superior impact performance.

Our investments aren't just about energy, they're about creating long-term value and improving lives.

Our Philosophy

We adopt comprehensive global impact guidelines and active ESG investment principles for application across all our investment opportunities, recognising that our focus does much to improve the quality of life of communities across the continent, whilst protecting its natural environment.

Our competitiveness is based on global (disruptive) proven technology strengths, financial innovation and productive partnerships with entrepreneurial growth businesses, project developers and other partner agents. Our authentic engagement with and empowerment of local communities in and around our clean energy infrastructure projects, including local ownership schemes and job creation, is profound.

We bring sustained, measurable benefits to partners and communities with our projects well-positioned as engines for rural socio-economic growth. Our response and alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is central to our impact outcomes and we continue to strive for improved SDG integration across our funds and portfolio investments.

ESG Active Management Approach

Our progressive environmental, social and governance active investment management approach with measured development outcomes, differentiates us as a specialised fund manager and offers improved risk and value creation for investee companies and fund investment performance.


We actively apply international ESG principles and procedures to our portfolio of underlying investments.

We implement a bespoke and comprehensive E&S Management System to screen, evaluate and mitigate negative or enhance positive social and environmental impacts across its investments. Through the responsible deployment of capital and the integration of ESG issues into all investment decisions and management operations, Inspired Evolution provides a crucial institutional catalyst contributing to a cleaner, healthier and more profitable future for society.

Awards and Recognition

Reports, Guidelines and Standards

Our online annual impact reports highlight our role as an serious impact investor. These reports present our results in a context of numbers, indicators and stories, and showcase our mission to make our investor’s capital work for positive social and environmental change. We have also adopted a number of relevant best-practice international guidelines and standards for responsible investment.

Sustained Value

Each year we see better data and science-based global corroboration to evidence the fact that we have reached a clear crossroads – one where our ability to act decisively and with conviction will determine the survival of our planet and its people. As a first mover in Africa since 2007, driven by our specialised climate response clean energy infrastructure, energy access, energy and resource efficiency investment themes, we remain more dedicated than ever to delivering sustained value creation in contribution to this global compact.

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