Sustainability... is everybody's business

Our progressive environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment management approach with measured development outcomes, differentiates us as a specialised fund manager and offers improved risk and value for investee companies.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Inspired Evolution actively applies best-in-class environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) principles and procedures to its portfolio of underlying investments. Inspired Evolution implements a detailed E&S Management System to evaluate and mitigate negative or enhance positive social and environmental impacts across its investments. Through the responsible deployment of capital and the integration of ESG issues into all investment decisions and management operations, Inspired Evolution provides a crucial institutional catalyst contributing to a cleaner, healthier and more profitable future for society.

Our values:


We have adopted an investment philosophy based on impact investing. This is our sustained ability to accelerate the development and use of cleaner technologies, services and processes not only to provide superior performance at lower costs but also to reduce environmental and climate change impacts, thereby optimising positive social and environmental development impacts.


We strive to provide an investment management leadership platform for equity and equity-related clean energy infrastructure development and project finance, and energy and resource efficiency growth finance across sub-Saharan Africa as a boutique intelligent capital provider.


We maintain our local and global competitiveness by leveraging our global technology and DFI partnership networks with a worldwide footprint to ensure best-practice innovation in business strategy and business model bankability within our specialised investment themes.