We identify and invest in compelling opportunities across clean energy infrastructure and resource efficient technologies and industries.
A partner of choice for projects, developers and companies who share our mission of a net zero future.
Accelerating positive, lasting impact for Africa’s people – at scale.
Africa’s trusted advisory partner in clean energy infrastructure, energy access and resource efficiency investments.

Transforming Africa's

A first mover on the African continent with over a decade of superior investment performance.

Clean Energy Infrastructure

Power and electricity generation infrastructure based on commercially-proven clean technologies that comprise renewable (wind, solar PV, solar thermal, geothermal and hydropower) and sustainable energy (hybrid gas, biomass, biogas and combined heat and power), and the value chains that support them. Excludes primary fossil fuels like coal and oil, as well as discard coal as a fuel source.

Resource Efficiency Growth Investments

Wiser resource use through the adoption and deployment of resource efficient technologies and (disruptive) business models by businesses and industry, their products and services, which results in ‘doing more with less’ and thereby contributing to alleviating pressure on Africa’s threatened natural resource base.

Funds and Portfolio

Our specialised funds are crafted and deployed with passion, care and dedication to create a diverse portfolio that remains relevant to transforming Africa’s energy future

With currently around USD 310 million of funds under management, our team has committed and invested c. USD 250 million in 19 portfolio investments over the last 14 years.

With proven top-quartile performance, we offer a dynamic multi-disciplinary professional team with pan-African multiple-sector experience and a thorough understanding of the African business landscape.

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  • 310 Million USD
    USD 310 million Funds under Management
  • 19 Portfolio Investments
    19 Portfolio Investments
  • 3.56 TWh clean energy
    3.56 TWh clean energy generated to date
  • 8.9 Million tCO2e
    8.9 million tCO2e greenhouse gases avoided to date
  • 16 Exits
    11 Portfolio Investment exits and 5 Underlying Asset Sales
  • 16 Countries
    16 Active Countries across Africa
  • 1.5 GW
    1.5 GW of renewable energy investments to date
  • 25 million people
    25 million people impacted through clean energy access to date

Impact Investing

First mover in Africa, driven by our specialised climate-centred investment mandate

We remain more dedicated than ever to delivering measurable and lasting development outcomes in contribution to the global climate compact.

Founded in 2007, we perfect this through our award-winning best-in-class ESG active investment management approach, aligned to the United Nations SDGs.

Meet the team

Specialised private equity isn’t just a business; it’s a craft. Over the past 14 years, we’ve cultivated a team of professionals who’ve honed their skills at helping investors, developers and entrepreneurial partners across various verticals build time-tested infrastructure projects and companies. Learn about the people who’ve made us a top-tier impact firm.

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Inspired Insights

Explore thought leadership perspectives and partner insights into select energy market segments, technology trends, disruptive business models, financial and structuring innovations and impact strategies.

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Headquartered in Cape Town, we also offer regional and country offices in London, Nairobi, Abidjan and Mauritius. Our growing African advisory platform presence, resource base and networks underpin our proprietary deal origination and execution capabilities.

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