Investment Criteria

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Investment Criteria

We invest in projects and companies using the following broad investment criteria to guide investment evaluation decisions:

  • Proven technology with limited execution risk
  • Demonstrable business strategy and validation of product/service market adoption
  • Platform applications (isolated projects where justified)
  • Scalability
  • Appropriately skilled management teams with proven track records
  • Option to take equity in the developer and/or pre-permitted projects (preferred)
  • Demonstrated project conversion developer track record
  • Where cost control influence (overheads) can be effected
  • Validation of pipeline with clear visibility of cash generation
  • Project inputs (feedstock) and PPAs are in place with credit-worthy offtakers
  • Technology provider guarantees to be available
  • Country risk mitigation and government support
  • EPC and O&M contracts on acceptable terms
  • Senior long-term debt is available at the appropriate terms and tenor
  • Clear exit potential before the end of fund life.

Inspired Evolution will seek to:

  • work with experienced developers, advisors and project managers
  • ensure portfolio business activities are not on the fund’s exclusion lists
  • ensure projects are in compliance with all national and international laws and regulations, and the fund’s rigorous E&S Management System.